MidiViaNet 1.0 

1.0 version now released!

Please let us know about your positive experiences with MidiViaNet  For trouble reports please use the form at the bottom of this page

We originally wanted to distribute this software as shareware.   However, there is some administrative work involved with handling registrations/copy protection etc. Since we develop this software  in our sparse spare time we are lacking the will and energy to get involved into the usual shareware hassle. So, we decided to release the full versions for free, asking you kindly to donate a few dollars to charity. We suggest the following organisations.

Seva's Sight Programs in Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet (ICT)


Download MidiViaNet 1.0  (MidiViaNet.zip ~100k)

Download the old  MidiViaNet Beta1.0  (MidiViaNet.zip ~100k)

Read MidiViaNet.doc  (included in download)

Changes made:

The 1.0 release allows you switch the process priority of MidiViaNet between "high" (default) and "realtime".  If you experience audible (Midi) delays you may set priority to "realtime". This will improve the MidiViaNet timing, but you may then experience timing problems with other applications.

For example: If you make extensive use of audio playback at the same time you may hear "stutter" in the audio playback when switching MidiViaNet to "realtime".